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Expanding Inventory Space in TERA – En Masse Entertainment

Tera online max inventory slots Unlimited bag space with Mails. There’s a little trick you can do to gain unlimited amount of bag space. En Masse Store | TERA | Additional Character Slot Adds an additional character slot on the server of your choice. *Each server can contain up to 20 character slots. Normal ... You have purchased a TERA 5th ... Max Bank Slots Tera - I haven't even bothered with my bank ...

Most people at endgame use their inventory slots to collect dress-up items (armor, weapon and accessory skins). If you truly need or desire more slots than the 100+ you get for inventory and the 4 max bank tabs, you can always add up to 4 pet storage tabs, or you can create a guild for 4 more free bank tabs.

TERA - Patch 80 (Level 70) Goes Live in EU and SEA Regions ... 29 Mar 2019 ... Niconico is an online social network which became the YouTube of Japan .... how KRAPTON decided to limit the maximum amount of registered pets to be just 10. I do get there is a monetization aspect to that just like inventory and bank ... to be forced to purchase additional slots since they aren't bankable.

Here's how to use the extra inventory slots: Summon your inventory pet (Ser Picks-a-lot) and click on the pet symbol beneath the health bar. (1.) Use the Pet Pocket skill from the pet menu. (2.) You now have 72 additional inventory slots available. Check out the shop now and get ready to welcome your very own personal companion! The TERA-Team

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Press the 'T' button on your keyboard or the button in your inventory to bring up the ... With the first items you come across, the maximum enchantment level is +6, ... 'T' or using the button in your inventory, then drag the respective item into the slot. ... Safe Play recommendations for responsible use of online games · Pegi 12 . Crystals - TERA - Free to Play MMO